Art is no different than Design, but in the former your client is the world.

Fabio Fidanza's art explores the realms of language, information theory, compression.
The human gesture often takes the form of mathematical formulas and algorithms sprinkled with a dose of (supposed) randomness.


Gravity is the force that holds our universe together. This series uses gravitational forces to plot the orbits of imaginary objects.

The artist sets the masses, colors and positions, and sees the piece unfold, in a deterministic but humanly ineffable process.

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In its more minimal representation, a building is a box.
Whether a small house or a skyscraper, this series explores the perception of buildings as repeating language entities.

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Movera I

As humans and animals we are wired to follow moving objects.
This series explores the beauty of flowing fields of objects that, while being in a static piece, trigger our innate impulse to follow paths.

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Movera II

Following Movera I, this series expands the exploration of kinetic fields, on a larger medium.

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This series explores hypothetical written languages, based on binary units.

Each piece is constructed on random seeds.
The beauty of repeating or similar glyphs is to be found in the elusive and humanly unpredictable sequence of theoretically random numbers.

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