Hello! I am

Fabio Fidanza

I connect things to make them work

Hey U.S. friends! I'll be touring U.S. West from June 22 to July 8, 2014.

If you happen to be around drop me a line at +39 329 1011 381!

Here are the places I'm going to visit, with dates:

Jun 22 Los Angeles
Jun 23 Los Angeles
Jun 24 Las Vegas
Jun 25 Flagstaff
Jun 26 Kayenta
Jun 27 Page
Jun 28 Tropic (Bryce)
Jun 29 Springdale (Zion)
Jun 30 Bishop
Jul 1 Yosemite
Jul 2 San Francisco
Jul 3 San Francisco
Jul 4 San Francisco
Jul 5 San Simeon
Jul 6 Three Rivers (Sequoia)
Jul 7 Los Angeles

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