can a man with a pan be your superman?

Ciao, I'm Fabio!
I grew up in Italy, and my love for cooking bloomed early!

I was the go-to cook for my university friends, after mind-frying study sessions (feeding engineers requires big pans).

I incorporated cooking wisdom into all of my business enterprises, whether they be about design, technology or, well, cooking!

Working with me on your challenges is very much like cooking: we will always aim at the primal pleasure of good taste in your results.

Scroll down if you're hungry

Why Fabio?

I've been working for 20 years in many different fields.
This experience gave me that bizarre ability to think outside the box!

I helped many companies and organizations successfully deliver their projects.
I happily worked for the United Nations, Save the Children, the WWF, the Vatican, Monotype, Cinecittà, CGIAR and many others.

What we can do together

  • Creative storm

    Unleash your potential in one-to-one or team sessions.

    We'll define where you are and what's your goal.
    We'll then explore the possible paths, applying patterns from diverse fields.

    You'll have my cross-disciplinary experience at your disposal.

    Expect the unexpected, thinking outside the box, and taking the box apart to build new stuff.

    In person or online.

  • Kitchen coachin'

    Wear your Superman aprons!

    Did you know that every recipe has a hidden lesson?

    I'll lead your team, from picking the best ingredients, to cooking a mouth-watering Italian meal.

    Along the way, we'll learn life and business secrets that will be remembered forever, like the taste of our dishes.

    In person. Some tools and equipment are required at the venue.
    I'll provide custom aprons!

  • Bridge the gap

    Technology and communications will finally communicate!

    You have a great message, but you still can't find the ideal tools to deliver it to your audience.

    We'll explore online and offline tools, technologies and providers that can support your endeavor.

    I'll then facilitate the connection between techies and communicators, making sure that no misunderstanding will affect the success of your project.

    Kickstart and milestones meetings: in person or online.
    Project management: online.

  • Tech discovery

    Always be up-to-date on the latest trends.

    Sometimes you either do your job or stay up-to-date with current technologies.

    To not miss good opportunities, explaining how things work and how you can benefit from breakthrough innovations.

    30/60 minutes video call sessions.

A few things I did

  • Design and branding

    20 years' experience designing for digital and traditional media.

    Founder and creative director at

    I led countless web projects.

  • Technology

    Masters degree cum laude in software engineering.

    Founder of Abruzzo Startup.

    Founder, Engineering and Technology Strategist at Problem Wisdom

  • Cooking

    I fed generations of hungry minds and bellies.

    Founder and lead teacher at Rigatoni Academy.

  • Music

    Singer and guitar player.

    Founder, lead singer, and guitarist of the Fidanza Jazz Combo, classic Italian Swing band.

  • Movie distribution

    I invented the Social Distribution, to crowdsource the distribution of independent movies.

    Articles here and here (in Italian).

  • Video

    Wrote, directed, produced commercials, including:

  • Teaching

    Innovation, technology and entrepreneurship teacher in high schools.

    Web frontend design teacher at the Vatican.

  • Photography

    Food photography is my specialty.

    Some photos on my Flickr page and at Macaroni Bros Kitchen.

  • Events

    I worked on the design, organization, and marketing of tech events, music festivals, music seminars.

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