Ciao! I'mFabio Fidanza

Creative Consultant

Are you struggling to innovate?

Most of today's workers are very specialized in their own disciplines.

They can see very far, but their vision is strongly focused on one specific area.
They can find it difficult to make connections outside their fields.

Innovation happens at the intersection of disciplines, where patterns mix in unusual ways.

Why you should hire a polymath *

People with a broad knowledge that spans several disciplines, are able to connect things in creative ways across different fields, leading to innovation.

They can leverage your existing resources to produce more value.

Putting a creative mind in your team can be the savviest move to enable positive transformation.

I've been working for 20 years in several fields.

This experience gave me a
unique ability to think outside the box.

I delivered professional outcomes in these areas:

  • Design

    20 years' experience designing for digital and offline media.

    Founder and owner of Macaroni Bros.

    Cooked, designed, photographed the Macaroni Bros Kitchen.

  • Technology

    Masters degree cum laude in software engineering.

    Consultant at

    • United Nations FAO
    • World Food Programme
    • Save the Children

    Founder of Abruzzo Startup

  • Music

    Singer and guitar player.

    Founder, lead singer and guitarist of the Fidanza Modern Trio.

    Founder of the Fidanza Bros duo (Americana) with pianist and composer Toni Fidanza.

  • Movie distribution

    I invented the Social Distribution to crowdsource the distribution of independent movies.

    Articles here and here (in italian)

  • Video

    Wrote, directed, produced commercials, including:

  • Teaching

    Innovation, technology and entrepreneurship teacher in high schools.

    HTML/CSS/Javascript teacher at the Vatican.

  • Photography

    Specialized in portrait and food photography.

    Some photos on my flickr page and at Macaroni Bros Kitchen

  • Events

    I worked on design, organization and marketing of tech events, music festivals, music seminars.

    Founder of Abruzzo Startup and Meetup dei Pionieri

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